Intelligent equipment power monitoring system solution 2020 Jun.17

At present, the performance of power monitoring system equipments of factories and companies are getting better and better, the functions are more and more powerful, the structure is more and more complex, and the degree of automation is getting higher and higher. At the same time, the factory has more and more urgent requirements for the safety and stability of equipment. If condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and health management can be carried out on the equipment, it will greatly guarantee the safe and reliable operation of the equipment. The goal of intelligent equipment detection is to monitor and extract the working status information of the equipment, and then analyze and judge the collected information to identify the equipment status, predict equipment failure, and take early measures to reduce losses.

 With years of rich experience and technical strength in the field of electrical monitoring, Jiangsu Sfere Electric has launched Sfere intelligent equipment to meet the needs of equipment companies for safe operation of equipment, cloud-based equipment, cloud-based business, internal resource optimization, and dynamic resource allocation. Power consumption monitoring system. This system is to build a monitoring platform for intelligent equipment enterprises, migrate traditional business applications to the platform, pool hardware resources and share with equipment customers, improve service efficiency and service capabilities.


Function Introduction

The intelligent equipment power monitoring system is an information system that monitors the electrical parameters of the equipment's operating state. It is used to receive the information transmitted by the field-side monitoring system, realize the collection of field data, alarm management, statistical analysis, etc., and remotely grasp the equipment's operating status in real time. Timely discover abnormal conditions such as equipment not turned on, abnormally closed, deceleration, idling, frequency reduction, etc., and notify the relevant personnel.


Schematic diagram of the composition of the electricity monitoring system

Monitoring System

Power parameter monitoring

Monitor the electrical parameters (current, voltage, power, power factor, power quality, etc.) of the overall operating state of the smart device.

Data acquisition and transmission

Collect the data of the power consumption parameter monitoring subsystem and transmit the data to the cloud monitoring platform.


Communicate with the power consumption parameter monitoring subsystem to realize information collection, data storage, data analysis and judgment, event alarm and other    functions. It can be comprehensively implemented with cloud computing, mobile Internet and other technologies.


Remote monitoring

The electricity monitoring system provides user access functions such as web browsers and mobile APPs, provides alarm methods such as SMS and APP, and provides functions for processing alarm information.

On-site monitoring system

Monitoring module


PD194Z-E14 monitors 4 channels of three-phase current, voltage, active/reactive power, power factor, energy measurement, etc., RS485 communication.

Current Transformer


Open current transformers below 600A (flexible coils can be used for large currents).

Communication Gateway


Downlink RS485 communication receives monitoring module signals, and uplink 2G/4G communication is sent to the cloud.

In recent years, with the increasing popularity of intelligence, as an important part of electric energy monitoring, an intelligent power monitoring system and power safety management measures are indispensable. Through technological progress, changes in industrial organization forms and changes in business operations, Sfere will further expand its business in the non-distribution market.

 Sfere Electric takes comprehensive electrical applications as its development center, and takes Sfere Electric as a top-notch expert in electrical application solutions as its corporate vision to better serve China's smart factories and fulfill corporate social responsibility.

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