How remote control by smart meter--Case Study of Fudan Univercity Fenglin Campus Energy Management 2020 Sep.16

The Fenglin campus of Fudan University is one of the four campuses of Fudan University, which is located in the east of the prosperous Xujiahui. The Fenglin campus is the site of the former Shanghai Medical University, covering an area of 288 mu. It is the location of all medical departments of Fudan University except the School of Pharmacy.




The Dongyuan of Fudan University Fenglin Campus is located in the east of Dong'an Road, the west of Zhongshan Hospital and the south of Zhaojiabang Road. The function of Dongyuan is administration and scientific research. Xiyuan is located in the west of Dong'an Road, and its function is positioned as a student living and teaching area.




On the basis of traditional power management requirements, colleges and universities have different requirements from other applications, and they place more emphasis on campus power safety and campus on-demand control.There are one 35kV user station, one 10kV switching station and three 400V distribution rooms in the East Area of Fenglin campus; one 10kV switching station, four 400V power distribution rooms in the West Area, and more than 400 power distribution boxes need to be monitored on the floor. According to the needs of the school, combined with the situation that the project covers a large area and the location of acquisition equipment is relatively scattered, Jiangsu Sfere Electric Co., Ltd. designed the following technical scheme of the power monitoring system:




Place a communication management machine in each power distribution room and the library, swimming pool, academy building and other buildings that need to collect the data of distribution box, to collect data from the underlying equipment on the site. Through the existing optical fiber network, they are respectively connected to the 10kV distribution room switches in the eastern and western districts, and then connected to the 35kV switch to complete the data transmission of the whole system. The system background summarizes and analyzes the data, and then forwards the processed data to the university big data platform.




Users can check the real-time power consumption of the whole campus in the duty room of 35kV user station and the big data platform of the University. They can count and analyze the power consumption of the sub items and make relevant reports. Moreover, it can set the over-limit alarm for the electrical parameters of important circuit. Once the alarm value is exceeded, the relevant personnel can be notified to deal with it immediately to avoid losses, ensure the safety and reliability of electricity use, and provide data support for user energy consumption management and analysis.



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