Why harmonic filter is a Must for the data center power quality


With the deepening of power quality technical supervision and the promulgation and implementation of power quality related punishment measures, power quality control has become more and more important. Power quality management and control is the only means to improve the power quality index, is the necessary condition for high-quality power supply, and is also the main means of energy saving and consumption reduction.




The extensive use of power electronic equipment results in serious distortion of the power system waveform, that is, the formation of the so-called harmonic, which damages the power quality and causes "pollution" to the power grid, thus affecting the power quality and transmission efficiency.

The main way to control harmonic pollution is to install a filter at the harmonic source to absorb the harmonic current nearby. Active filter module is a new type of power electronic device used for dynamic harmonic filtering and reactive power compensation. It can filter and compensate harmonic and dynamic reactive power in real time. It is widely used in power, hospital, metallurgy, petroleum, port, chemical industry and mining enterprises.




Sfere active harmonic filter module SFR-APF




01 Advanced design concept

Real-time tracking, dynamic compensation, harmonic compensation times can be set separately

02 Modular design

Users can choose to use 1-5 modules in parallel according to the needs of compensation current, and the compensation mode is flexible

03 All-parameter measuring

The screen can display the operation status of each power module, and can monitor and record the equipment operation and fault status in real time





The new generation of power quality management terminal SFR-PQM can seamlessly cooperate with active harmonic filter to realize remote cloud monitoring and mobile wechat applet monitoring.



With the rapid development of modern industry, especially the current change of power structure and the increase of load types in China, there are more and more power quality problems such as harmonics and voltage sag, which is a great hidden danger to some high-precision manufacturing industries. The dynamic filter compensation device, power quality comprehensive compensation device and active dynamic compensation device in the power quality control device of Jiangsu Sfere Electric can effectively combine the relevant problems, achieve the purpose of reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression, and realize the dual functions of harmonic filtering and reactive power compensation.


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