Application of Elecnova Power Quality Products in Supercomputing Center


The supercomputing center is built on the basis of supercomputers to solve large and complex problems that cannot be completed by ordinary computers and servers. Compared with the early computing center, its computing capacity has made a huge leap, and its applicable fields and usage patterns have been greatly expanded. The supercomputing center is built on the basis of sufficient scientific and technological innovation capabilities and application needs, and is a concrete manifestation of a country's and region's independent innovation capabilities and comprehensive competitiveness.




Large data centers have high requirements on the power supply stability of supercomputing rooms. There are a large number of UPS and switching power supplies in the communication system. While improving the power supply stability of computer rooms, such equipment will generate large 5th, 7th and 11th harmonics. Sometimes, UPS incoming line switches trip for no reason and communication is disturbed. 

In a domestic supercomputing center, when eliminating the harmonic hazard in the computer room, the SFR-APF active harmonic filter was used to treat the UPS locally, which can greatly reduce the harmonic current distortion rate, effectively solve the problem of circuit breaker tripping and communication interference, and improve the reliability of power supply. In addition, SLG series harmonic elimination reactive power compensation products are used in the distribution room for centralized harmonic control, and PD194Z-9CY multi-function harmonic meter is also equipped for power quality monitoring.


Operating principle of active harmonic filter

CT is used to collect the load current signal, and the harmonic part is separated through the internal detection circuit, and then the PWM signal is sent to the internal IGBT power converter to generate a compensation current with the same magnitude and opposite phase as the system harmonic, realizing the real-time dynamic harmonic filtering function.




Product characteristics

01 Flexible application scheme

  • Modular design, convenient for expansion, supporting 16 modules in parallel.

  • Support rack-mounted or wall-mounted installation, and adapt to a variety of installation environments.

  • Support three-phase three wire or three-phase four wire, redundant N-wire terminal blocks, and adapt to the site environment to the maximum extent.

  • CT installation position is flexible, both power side and load side can be used


02 Excellent harmonic filtering performance

  • The maximum filtering times are 51, and the harmonic filtering rate is greater than 97%

  • Multiple compensation modes can be selected to realize on-demand distribution of active filter, reactive power compensation and unbalanced current compensation

  • Full range reactive compensation

  • Perfect three-phase unbalance strategy to realize active/reactive/split phase unbalance compensation

  • Three level main circuit, lower power consumption and higher efficiency

  • The full response time is less than 5ms, and the control is faster, which is conducive to improving the transient stability


03 Complete equipment and system protection

  • External electrical fault protection of equipment, including bus short circuit, voltage overvoltage and undervoltage, overfrequency and underfrequency, phase sequence error, current reverse sequence, etc

  • Internal fault protection of equipment, including over-current protection, IGBT overheating protection, etc

  • Automatic capacity reduction when the working environment exceeds the limit

  • Software and hardware current limiting

  • Resonance avoidance, automatically away from the system resonance point


04 Humanized human-machine interaction experience

  • Interactive optional 7-inch or 10-inch LCD touch screen

  • Through the graphical display interface, users can clearly understand the system waveform, harmonic spectrum

  • Power quality improvement of THDi, THDu, RMS of current, power factor and other systems



SLG series harmonic elimination reactive power compensation module

SLG series harmonic elimination reactive power compensation component is a filter circuit composed of a filter reactor with a certain reactance coefficient and a capacitor with a certain capacity in an appropriate proportion to achieve reactive power compensation and harmonic control.


PD194Z-9CY multifunctional energy meter

PD194Z-9CY multi-function energy meter can monitor a variety of electrical parameters, such as voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor, electric energy, demand, etc., and has the functions of switch status monitoring, limit exceeding alarm, analog output, electric energy pulse, communication, etc. 

As an advanced intelligent and digital power grid front-end acquisition component, the meter can be used in energy management systems, power distribution automation, intelligent buildings and intelligent switchgear; With a variety of wiring methods, it is convenient to use and can meet various requirements on site.





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