Trends of the smart meters
Author: Jia Zhou


What is smart meter?

Smart meter is the basic device for the data acquisition of the smart grid particular for the smart power distribution system, it undertaken task of primary power data acquisition, measurement and data transmission, it’s the foundation of information integration, data analysis and display of the power distribution system.

Besides the traditional measurement function of the power meter, the smart meter also available for bidirectional multi-tariff, multiple user control function and various modes of data transmission for directional data communication, anti-stealing electricity for the use of smart grid and new energy

2. Trends of the smart meters

2.1 Diversified communication

In recent years, the trend of power measurement goes to digitalized and systemized, the traditional smart meter were limited by the wiring requirement for those renovation projects. As the mobile communication technology getting more mature, the data of smart meter could be access into the internet by NB-IOT, LoRa, WiFi etc. The smart meter could support remote data query for checking the current status of the power usage, the remote metering is also available.

2.2 Diversified measuring methods

As wide spread application of the new energy, the construction of the micro grid is getting more and more, there are new requirements to the smart meters from the user’s side and the power generation side. Including bidirectional metering and monitoring the power usage situation in different duration, by this means the power use enterprise could manage their power usage for cost saving.

2.3 Power quality and power supply reliability monitoring

The real time measuring function of the smart meter could response the tender’s complaint in time and take some useful action to prevent the power quality issues happened. Comparing to the traditional power quality analysis methods, the smart meter is more advance in terms of real time and effectiveness.

 2.4 Load analysis, modeling and forecasting

The inaccurate energy flow distribution information of the power distribution system is cause by the network modeling, loading evaluation and the high voltage power transformer measuring information. By enhance the measuring point in the user’s side, more accurate loading and grid loss information could be collect to avoid devices overload and power quality deteriorate. By integrate a great number of measuring data to predict the future status and measuring data accuracy commissioning. 


The power consumption data of the water, gas, heat which collect by the smart meter could use for load analyze and forecast, by the above mentioned information and characters, time changing for general analysis to evaluate and predict the total energy consumption and peak demand value. This information brings convenient to the end user, power retailer and staff of the power distribution system, to flourishing the power usage, reduce energy consumption etc.


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