The implementation of Energy Management System in Smart buildings
Author: Doctor Hong


The president of Cambridge Energy Research Associates Daniel Yergin called “Energy Saving” as the Fifty Energy to emphasize the importance of energy allocation in the future. Energy consumption of industry, transportation will be taken place by building industry which accounts 33% as the largest energy consuming industry of the society. In this regard, the development and promotion of low energy consuming technology in the large scale public buildings is one of the most important methods to release the energy supply stress and solving the conflict between economic development and shortage of energy supply.

Energy management system is the derivative of the smart energy concept. With the idea of networking, integration and intelligent to establish a management system for monitoring, measuring and management the electricity, water and gas consumption by smart meters in various dimensions such as category, segment and projects by dynamic trend analysis to help the user understand the status of energy consumption and optimized the energy saving solution.

Demand Analysis:

1)    At the contractor should allocate the data acquire devices such as smart energy meters, multifunctional meters and PQA etc. Which could fulfil the measuring requirement in different point to guaranty the reliability and stability of the energy data, reduce the workload of the staff and obtain the energy consumption status in real-time.

2)    The Energy Management System could meet the chasing and manage requirement in the complete cycle of the building construction, analyze various energy consuming and dynamic change trend for report outcome.

3)    The user determine a detailed management evaluation system, the system will measure the energy usage status according to such evaluation system. The system will automatic calculate the energy efficiency regularly, implement the energy evaluation system to find out the loss and waste.


As far as the framework of this energy management system, it use the computer, communication management machine, smart power meters as basic tool, providing the real-time data acquisition, D/I status monitoring and remote management and control platform. It could combine with be the testing, control devices as a more complicated monitoring system. This Energy Management System used the layer distribution computer network structure, normally it contains three layers: system management layer, network communication layer and jobsite device layer.


As the Cloud service technology development, the Cloud hosting mode is getting wider use at the energy management implementation. For those small-medium projects, the owner could allocate the Energy Management System on the Cloud server by considering cost saving. The EMS could be operated by the system provider or the project runner as well. The EMS provides the practical energy efficiency solution Cloud hosting service and big data analysis. The user could check the real time data by computer or mobile phone APP.


The Energy Management System is based on the perfect energy monitoring management methods to analyze the building energy consumption data for the determination of the energy consuming status and devices energy efficiency and provide a complete energy management solution to the customer. In the coming future, we strongly believe that the Cloud technology and big data technology would have further development and the Energy Management System will more forward as well.


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