Solar PV panels fix on the south roof is not a Must
Author: Zhuowen Ling



There is a general consensus that the solar PV panels on the roof should be installed in a south-facing position, so as to realize the efficient utilization of solar PV panels and realize cost-effectiveness in the shortest time. The application of new technology may change your perception of it.


In recent years, the use of clean energy in Europe and even the world is accelerating, and solar power generation accounts for 3.2% of the EU's total power generation (2016). In Europe, solar power accounted for 12.2% of clean energy, while wind power increased to 36%. According to the forecast, this trend will continue. Among EU countries, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Malta, Greece and the United Kingdom account for a relatively large proportion of solar power generation, of which Germany accounts for 6%. How to make efficient use of solar energy and make the best use of solar PV panels on your roof?


In many European countries, it is generally believed that PV devices should face south. If the solar PV panel is installed with an inclination of 45 degrees, this is the most efficient of all installation methods. PV panels can also get a higher return on investment. However, can solar PV panels only be installed facing south? In some specific cases, if there is no condition to install solar PV panels in the south direction, what can we do?



First of all, we need to know why the solar PV panels are installed facing south. In fact, it's just because in the northern hemisphere, the south-facing side enjoys longer sunshine time, and the energy output is 20% higher than that of the west-facing or east-facing side. When the life and cost of PV panels are fixed, the investment cost can be recovered faster. Generally speaking, it takes 6-7 years. In recent years, due to the application of new silicon crystal technology, the service life of solar PV panels has increased significantly, and the average service life is 25 years or more. Even if your roof doesn't have the possibility of facing south, facing east or west is a good choice.


An interesting problem is that the peak time of solar power system in the East and West is different from that in the south. It can be known from common sense that the peak value of  power system for families using Southern solar PV panels is at noon, but it is often the valley value of power consumption just at this time. Imagine that when most families use southern solar PV panels to generate power, it is very easy to overload the power generation network. On the contrary, in the evening when the solar power systems capacity in the South decreases, it is the peak of power consumption of ordinary families. At this time, each load has greater demand for energy. Therefore, it is necessary to add a set of household energy storage battery and install inverter device for your family. The purpose of this is to store energy when the sun is sufficient, alleviate the pressure of the power grid, distribute the flow of power in a reasonable way, and truly achieve the significance of using clean energy. 


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