Sfere campus prepaid solution introduction


The dormitory area of colleges and universities is densely populated and has high requirements for power safety; however, it often happens that the illegal electricity consumption, and the overload of the line is easy to cause fire. In order to strengthen the management of safe electricity use in schools, improve the awareness of saving electricity, eliminate hidden dangers of electricity use and avoid fire, more and more schools have begun to introduce intelligent prepaid management systems.




With the increase of all kinds of electrical equipment in the school dormitory, the complexity of power management is also increasing. In order to cope with the complex energy consumption scene and better help the school logistics improve the dormitory management, Sfere Electric Company uses a meter with one-way incoming line and three-way outgoing line, which can realize different time-sharing control strategies for lighting, sockets and air conditioners respectively. 

Through practical operation, the Sfere campus prepaid system is an effective solution to the above problems, which improves the management efficiency of the logistics department, ensures the power safety of the university dormitory, facilitates students to understand the power consumption and pay theelectricity bills, and reduces the operation and management cost of the school.




Product recommendation


Measuring Components   Prepaid Din Rail Mounted Energy Meters




The din rail mounted electric energy meter adopts advanced electric energy measuring chip, and is designed and manufactured by using digital sampling and processing technology and SMT process. This series of electric energy meters adopts modular structure, small size, convenient installation and reliable operation. 

The network prepaid management function is realized through the network prepaidsystem. Online meter reading, data query, arrears power failure, online payment, recharge, power transmission, remote control and other functions.


Model selection



Technical parameter




Communication components  Communication gateway




S20 is a general-purpose communication gateway for the field of industrial control. It has many functions, such as multi-channel data acquisition, multiple protocol conversion, data analysis and calculation, automatic logic control, docking with multiple platforms, flexible WEB configuration and so on.


Technical parameter




Communication components   Communication gateway




S15 gateway is a small gateway device that can collect multiple communication protocols and upload data to the cloud platform or local monitoring system. Its supporting SmartHMI tool supports the configuration of connected devices, monitoring their data or debugging. 

It is mainly used to collect product data of intelligent measurement and control, power quality and electrical safety, communicate with the monitoring system through Ethernet port, and upload to the cloud platform through 2G, 4G and NB-IoT wireless methods. The downlink realizes wired / wireless networking through RS485 or Lora.


Model selection and Technical parameter



System Features

1. Meet the needs of school safety management

The system meets the safety management requirements of campus facilities and student dormitories. The power can be cut off in class and at night through time-sharing control strategy. The monitoring of high-power electrical appliances in dormitories can be realized through malignant load identification and white list. The monitoring of standby current of air conditioner can prevent students from using electricity privately through air conditioner socket.


2. Diversified expense management mode  

The system can set multi-level account balance early warning, timely remind or pre-trip when the amount is lower than the set amount, issue the basic free electricity in batch, real-time remind when the recharge arrives, automatically and remotely restore the power supply, and power off the arrears of the water meter.


3. Intelligent power management solution

The system can set the overdraft amount. In the light off mode, the lighting circuit can set whether the power supply is normal, the socket circuit can set the low current mode to charge the student's mobile phone, and the air conditioner can set the standby current monitoring mode.


4. Dormitory customized business process

The system meets the management needs of campus facilities and student dormitories, and realizes various functions such as student check-in registration, dormitory replacement, dormitory check-out, batch processing of basic free electricity distribution, etc. The electricity bill is automatically generated, and the query method is fast and convenient, eliminating manual meter reading.


According to the special needs of the school, the Sfere campus network prepaid system is equipped with practical functions such as lights-off continuous lighting mode, small current mode with lights-off socket, air conditioning standby current monitoring mode, malignant load monitoring, white list management, arrears and quota management, arrears alarm and so on, so as to facilitate the daily power consumption management of the campus and significantly improve the security of campus power consumption.


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