Multi-channel energy analyzer makes critical power measuring cost-effect


01 Introduction

With the increasing demand for electric management for tenants in large shopping malls and commercial buildings, more and more E&M designers are considering to use multi-channel precision measurement energy analyzer for the power distribution design. To achieve efficient and low-cost power monitoring, measurement, fiscal metering and other functions. Compared with the traditional single channel energy meter, the high-precision multi-channel electric energy analyzer has the advantages of compact size, high measurement accuracy (0.5S), the use of high-quality metering chip and low power consumption CTs, which can ensure the measuring accuracy within the tolerance by decrease the line lose of the measured voltage in the multi-channel measuring system. 

Take the ELECNOVA din rail mounted multi-functional energy analyzer PD194Z-E14 as an example, this multifunctional energy analyzer has compact design but high measurement accuracy (0.5s). It can measure 4 three-phase channels or 12 single-phase channels in the width of a 4 DIN module, which can save installation space to the greatest extent.Even a small power distribution box, it could be installed decades of PD194Z-E14 for hundreds of measuring circuits. Especially in some large commercial buildings, combined with EMS system, it can realize efficient management for tenants. The multifunctional energy analyzer has the functions of power quality analysis and fiscal metering as well.  The instrument is equipped with LCD display, users can easily check the measurement data through the buttons by menu selection, and easily access most of third-party EMS software through the standard MODBUS-RTU protocol, so as to reduce the troubles brought by E&M designers in the measurement layer and provide competent management data for all property management companies.




02 Technical parameter



Low power consumption CT






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