Multi-User Prepaid Electric Energy Meter


In recent years, due to the power management requirements of large shopping malls and campus dormitories for tenants and students, business or property management companies have put forward the demand for multi-user prepaid electricity meters. According to market needs, the R&D personnel of Elecnova have launched a new multi-user prepaid energy meter-S36 series. The implementation of the meter can greatly improve the management efficiency of each power circuit for the owner and the campus management department. Next, let's take a look at the revolutionary new functions of ELECNOVA-S36.




S36 series multi-user prepaid electric energy meter is designed with advanced microprocessor and signal processing technology. It has the functions of full power measurement, electric energy measurement, time-sharing billing, prepaid, demand statistics, event recording, malignant load identification, fault alarm, etc., and is equipped with switching value input, relay output, pulse output and RS485 communication interface.


S36 multi-user prepaid electric energy meter consists of a master module and multiple slave modules. The slave modules are divided into direct access type and CT access type. S36 supports direct access to 36 single-phase or 12 three-phase circuits at most, or 24 three-phase circuits through CT. The direct access slave module has built-in magnetic latching relay, and the maximum on-off capacity is 80A.


S36 prepaid electric energy meter is widely used and suitable for power consumption management in commercial real estate, campuses, and smart buildings.






  • Dot matrix LCD display

  • Anti-DC component design

  • Module automatic addressing

  • Slave modules have no installation sequence, are randomly combined, and their functions are self-identified

  • The electrical connection lines between modules are not exposed

  • Terminal temperature measurement (optional)

  • Dual RS485 interface



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