Industrial application of din rail type energy meter


Industrial enterprises are an important driving force in the development of China's national economy. The continuous growth of industrial development cannot be separated from the support of electric power. Because of the different equipment and ways of using electric power, the loss rate of enterprises' electric energy is not very low, but it is not easy to avoid , And the consumption of electric energy in low-voltage power distribution terminals is very large.



In order to strengthen the measurement, assessment and management of terminal electric energy, and to facilitate the use and transformation of users, a miniaturized rail-mounted electric energy meter emerges as the require. Compared with the traditional wall-mounted electric energy meter, its measurement accuracy is higher, its overload capacity and compressive capacity are relatively strong, its performance is relatively stable, and its own power consumption is less. Light weight and small size, modular structure, so that the power management department can better monitor the power consumption of each user and realize terminal power distribution electric energy metering.



Introduction of rail type electric energy meter





At present, the installation of the terminal electric energy meter generally adopts the traditional wall-mounted installation method, which has the disadvantages of large volume and inconvenient installation.


The rail-mounted electric energy meter adopts modular design, which has the advantages of small size, easy installation, and easy networking, etc. It is easy to realize terminal energy measuring and is convenient for industrial energy measuring system to install electric energy meter for transformation.


The rail-mounted electric energy meter is a new generation of miniature rail-mounted electric energy meter. It adopts standard DIN35mm rail type installation, structural modular design, width matching with miniature circuit breaker, and can be easily installed in the distribution box. The electric energy meter measures electric energy and other electric parameters, can set parameters such as clock, rate period, etc., and has the function of electric energy pulse output.


At the same time, the rail-type electric energy meter can use the RS485 communication interface to realize data exchange with the system. The rail-mounted electric energy meter has the advantages of small size, high accuracy, good reliability, and convenient installation. It is suitable for the sub-metering of electric energy in government agencies and large public buildings, and can also be used for electric energy management assessment in enterprises and institutions.



Performance of rail type electric energy meter




1. Measure the total active energy and count it back into the total energy;

2. Optional period multi-tariff electric energy metering function;

3. Support RS485 communication interface, with electric energy pulse output;

4. The current can be connected directly or indirectly, and the voltage signal is supplied without auxiliary power supply;

5. Small size, the width is a multiple of 18mm, perfectly matched with the miniature circuit breaker, with lead seal to prevent electricity theft;

6. DIN35mm standard rail installation method, easily put into various kinds of distribution boxes.


Application of rail type electric energy meter




With the increase of the contradiction between power supply and demand, it is very important to strengthen the management of power measurement. Rail-type energy meters can not only realize the management of electric energy measurement, but also control the power consumption of users, and carry out the step tariff. According to the actual situation of users' daily electricity consumption, power consumption is measured in different periods to thus providing the basis for the settlement of electricity price.


The din rail type electric energy meter integrates electric energy measurement, data collection and data processing, and the din rail type electric energy meter is remotely controlled by a computer, which effectively reduces the labor volume and improves the work efficiency. Din rail type electric energy meter can ensure the balance of power supply and demand, and ensure the safe and stable power supply of the grid system. It is widely used in power metering management.



Development prospect of rail type electric energy meter




  • Guided by the requirements of smart grid construction, realize the advanced nature of electric energy metering, electricity theft prevention, real-time monitoring, information interaction, and automatic control; realize the applicability of factors such as different environments and different actual installation conditions; realize the appearance, structure and installation dimensions Unity.

  • Realize the purpose of reasonable, economical and safe use of electric energy. Rail-type electric energy meters can rely on the powerful digital information network and data analysis and processing system built by the "smart grid" to provide users with rich electricity consumption information in real time through the electric energy information display, the Internet and various communication networks. At the same time, in the "smart grid" of the information network architecture, the rail-type electric energy meter is also responsible for the task of the data terminal collector, continuously provide detailed measurement data to "smart grid".

  • Standardize the unified standard of electric energy meter. At present, there are inconsistencies in the functions, tariffs, acceptance conditions, appearance dimensions, display reading content, failure judgment standards, and communication scale of electric energy meters in various regions of the country. The din rail type electric energy meter after the unified standard will be more convenient for the production and circulation, installation and reading, verification and after-sales service of the meter. It will also facilitate the manufacture and design of the supporting equipment of the electric energy meter, which can greatly promote the development and progress of electric energy measurement.




With the popularization of "smart grid", all traditional inductive energy meters and electronic meters with simple structure without bi-directional communication function will be eliminated, and replaced by din rail type energy meter, which can realize bi-directional communication between power supply enterprises and users. As a new type of green energy-saving, accurate and fast electric energy meter, it can effectively guarantee the operating cost of the power grid, ensure the safety and reliability of the power grid, and lay a good foundation for the healthy and sustainable development of China's electric power.




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