Compact design modular measuring solution for Data center overhead busway power distribution


In the data center power distribution industry, the array cabinet and the overhead busway are the two major types of the power distribution at the end of the data center machine room for the branch circuit power monitoring. The overhead busway power distribution utilize a modular structure, mainly including the star box, busway and plug-in box. It does not occupy the valuable installation position of the cabinet, and has the characteristics of rapid deployment, convenient capacity expansion and reusable equipment.




Aiming at the characteristics of the overhead busway power distribution, Sfere Electric has developed the Sfere701 track busway monitoring unit. The product monitoring module is mainly set in the start box and the plug-in box. With its compact design (1 Pole), din rail installation and flexible function expansion, supporting full electric quantity measurement, electric energy measurement, power quality analysis, switch status monitoring, over-limit alarm, residual current measuring, temperature monitoring and other functions. Meanwhile it also equipped with special current transformer and communication connector, which can significantly improve the deployment efficiency.


The following image shows the basic structure of the data center overhead busway power distribution system. The Sfere701 multi-circuit power monitoring system is design for the data center critical power monitoring with the high performance metering chip set. The build in multiple communication protocol could achieve to send the monitoring data to the main display in real time.





Multiple data display modules


1640052258972464iiUd.jpg 1640052319669571uzs9.png

#3.5”TFTdisplay                                 #7”/10”TFT display


Multiple expansion modules

Communication module 


2 RS485 communication ports

1 RJ45 communication interface

Support data storage

Support SNMP protocol

Support Modbus-RTU protocol





3 DI

4 temperature

Busway powered




3 residual current
       4 temperature
       Busway powered




Monitoring module plug-in box application example



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