China IDC data center trend and the branch critical measuring instrument for Track busway


IDC is the abbreviation of Internet Data Center. IDC generally refers to the place that can provide basic data services and value-added services, including site resources, power resources, network resources and equipment resources, as well as professional management. Based on this platform, IDC service providers provide customers with Internet platform basic services and various value-added services.

Benefiting from the development of global cloud computing industry and the change of communication networks, from 2014 to 2019, the CAGR of global IDC market can reach 20.3%, and the CAGR of the Chinese IDC data center market is 32.9%. In the future, benefiting from Cloud computing and 5G infrastructure construction, the IDC industry will continue to be in a period of high prosperity, and the high revenue rate is expected to be maintained. From 2019 to 2022, the CAGR of China's IDC market will remain around 32%, beyond the global level.

The investment scale of China's data center will continue to grow in the coming future. Judging from the number and utilization rate of existing data centers in China, the number of data centers in China in 2019 is about 74000, accounting for about 23% of the total number of global data centers. From 2016 to 2019, the number of data center racks in China increased year by year, and the number of data center racks reached 2.77 million in 2019.

In terms of investment, the IT investment scale of China's data center reached RMB369.8 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach RMB416.68 billion in 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 12.7%; By 2025, the investment scale is expected to reach RMB707.1 billion.


At present, several major data center operators in China are actively deploying the construction of IDC data center. Taking Huawei Ulanqab cloud data center as an example, the data center is interconnected with Huawei Langfang data center and Beijing data center through high-speed optical fiber network to achieve optimal network management and optimal resource scheduling. The data center is the largest rendering base of Huawei cloud in the world. It not only provides customers with inclusive, green, stable and reliable computing power, but also serves as an incubation base for innovative solutions such as cloud rendering and big data.




The data room of this project adopts the intelligent small track busyway power distribution scheme. The intelligent track busway has the advantages of not occupying the cabinet position, clear distribution circuit, modular structure, short construction period and reusable, etc., and has high requirements for supporting power monitoring instruments. Sfere701 track busway monitoring unit is a new generation of power monitoring product designed for data center intelligent track busway, which can realize real-time measurement of power parameters of low-voltage power distribution system, power metering, power quality analysis, state monitoring, limit-out alarm, leakage monitoring, temperature monitoring and other functions. Up to 32 three-phase circuits or 96 single-phase circuits can be measured. Equipped with a large color LCD and touch buttons, it is easy to use, compact and convenient to install.



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