ELECNOVA participating in the 2023 Thailand Electricity Industry Association Exhibition 2023 Aug.31

The 2023 Thailand Electricity Industry Association Exhibition (TEMCA M&E THAILAND) opened grandly in Pattaya from August 18th to 19th. The theme of this forum was SMART SUSTAINABLE CITIES, aimed at jointly creating "smart and sustainable cities", combining modern technology and creating sustainable safety through mechanical and electrical engineering standards to achieve sustainable social livability.


The TEMCA M&E THAILAND has become a leading event in the Southeast Asian electricity industry. It is a cutting-edge exhibition of professional electricity, power generation, electrical and power transmission equipment, technology, and supplies, showcasing the latest developments in the Asian electricity industry. The exhibition has attracted over a thousand companies from ASEAN countries and European and American countries.




During the two-day exhibition, as a well-known expert in digital intelligent distribution solutions, ELECNOVA brought products and electrical application solutions such as power monitoring, power quality, charging piles, energy storage products, etc. This exhibition is not only a very important platform for relevant power and gas brands to open up the Thai market, but also an innovative product exhibition for large-scale engineering system expos in Thailand, During the exhibition, ELECNOVA learned more about intelligent technologies and trends simultaneously, and had face-to-face communication with professional buyers to listen to opinions and suggestions.


We communicate with industry leaders and experts from all over the world, establish good cooperative relationships within the industry, and jointly promote the development of smart and sustainable field. During the exhibition, members of the Thai Association of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers visited the ELECNOVA booth.


The highly international nature and diverse supply of the exhibition provide a platform for communication between exhibitors and visitors. ELECNOVA actively participates in seminars on knowledge under TEMCA Academy, and TEMCA arranges exhibition media interviews. During the interview, it was mentioned that our application fields include industrial design and distribution, new energy (including charging piles and energy storage products), water treatment, and other industries. Through on-site video demonstrations, we shared our cutting-edge technology and high-quality products with media friends.


ELECNOVA has established professional sales and technical support teams in key regions and cities both domestically and internationally, quickly responding to market demands and providing users with high-quality service experiences. ELECNOVA, as one of the well-known Chinese brands active in the Thai market, focuses on major cities and corporate institutions in Thailand. In promoting the construction of smart and sustainable cities, it actively participates in helping more business enterprises provide smart city solutions.

About Elecnova/Sfere Electric

Elecnova / Sfere Electric a leading manufacturer and solution provider of Power quality analyzer / Energy analyzer / kWh energy meter / Multi circuit power monitoring system / EV charger metering / Digital power meter / Motor controller / Busway temperature sensor / Harmonic Filter / Power factor correction / Low Voltage power distribution panel / Cloud view Power monitoring system.

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