WDH-31-531 Intelligent Motor Control and Protection Management System

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WDH-31-531 Intelligent Motor Control and Protection Management System
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Device Control & Protection
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Product Name: WDH-31-531 Intelligent Motor Control and Protection Management System

ELECNOVA WDH-31-531 intelligent motor control and management system is a brand new design motor controller for the open-door type and drawer type Motor Control Center(MCC Cabinet). The motor controller combines the protection and control function in a compact unit, which is available for the 35mm standard din rail installation. Besides the Modbus-RTU communication protocol, the WDH-31-531 is available for the Profitbus-DP and Modbus-TCP communication protocol, which covers the requirement of the major PLC such as Siemens and Omron brand. 

WDH-31-531  intelligent motor control and management system is equipped with the residual current protection and temperature protection without external accessories. There are two types of HMI for the WDH-31-531 as optional choice, the LCD display and the TFT colorful display. It’s the best choice for the intelligent motor control center(iMCC).



·LV 400V/690V 

·Open door cabinet/ Drawer cabinet

·35mm standard DIN rail installation                                     

·LCD display/ TFT colorful display

·Residual protection/temperature protection integration




- A variety of protection functions are built in, and the on / off, alarm or trip functions of the protection function are programmable

- Rich starting control, single-step starting (direct / two-way, etc.); Two step starting (star delta / soft start coordination, etc.)

- Under voltage hoisting, power on and self starting function ensure the uninterrupted operation of the motor

- With residual current transformer, additional residual current transformer and external wiring can be avoided

- 1-way PTC / NTC thermistor input for motor temperature monitoring and protection

- 5-way programmable switching value input and 4-way programmable relay output

- 1 Channel Programmable 4 ~ 20mA analog output

- Rich SOE event records, tripping, alarm, start stop, input displacement, etc

- Standard RS485 communication interface, optional Modbus RTU or PROFIBUS DP protocol

- Optional Ethernet communication interface with switch function, Modbus TCP protocol

- Optional black-and-white or color Chinese LCD module to visually display and indicate various parameters, information and status

- Equipped with upper computer management software to realize parameter configuration, debugging and monitoring

- Modular structure design, flexible combination of main body, transformer, display module and optional function

- The installation method is flexible and the overall size is reasonable. It can be installed in 1 / 4 drawer cabinet



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