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Cloudview System
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Energy Management System
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Cloudview System

Scloudview System Overall Functions

1) Integration of hardware equipment, platform scalability.

2) Unified big data center collects all kinds of business data, reduces terminal monitoring equipment, network equipment, server and other systems, and reduces costs.

3) The system can connect with other systems to realize data exchange. The docking systems include: integrated energy management system (water, electricity, coal, heat, cold), intelligent building management system and industrial automation system.



The Scloudview system can be connected to the measuring instrument with MODBUS data transmission function produced by our company or any third party company, and upload the relevant measurement data. 

The software can record, count and analyze the data collected from the bottom according to the user's demand, and then optimize the energy consumption through real-time monitoring and control of the distribution system.

The system is developed based on Linux operating system, supports the HTTPS protocol and provides data output in CSV and JSON formats.


* Monitor the electrical equipment and circuit, obtain abnormal data and emergencies, and inform relevant personnel immediately.

* Monitoring and alarming of power quality (THDi,THDu,THD%).

* Remote monitoring, on-site incomer line, feeder line, loop for monitoring and control, to achieve unattended distribution room.

* Through the comprehensive analysis of abnormal data and time information, master the overall status of distribution system and dilute the key monitoring and maintenance objects.

* Reduce the input of personnel and equipment, shorten the maintenance time, so as to reduce the overall operation.


* Multi dimensional analysis and comparison of power consumption of the project.

* Power quality analysis, provide harmonic analysis, phase harmonic content query, data update every 15 minutes.

* Automatic generation of adult and daily data reports can generate CVs and JSON format files for data exchange with other management software.


SCloudview provides multi-user level data organization and management. 

Generally, the default level is: building, administrator, manager and browser (name to be determined). 

The company provides corresponding customized permission setting scheme to ensure the convenience of users and data security.


SCloudview provides the functions of data download and direct mail sending. 

Users can select the sending objects of reports according to their needs. 

The contents of the report include energy consumption analysis of buildings, the highest energy consumption equipment, energy consumption trend  analysis of measurement points, operation trend analysis of measurement points, and active energy and monthly analysis of measurement points.

What is SCloudview power management system?


SCloudview System is a comprehensive energy management system for multiple business purpose with the help of the existed computer and network technology. 

This system utilizes 4 horizontal 4 vertical framework. It acquires the basic data under the support of the unified information technology standard and data security system, data network communication, data aggregate and analyze, data access and application functions.  


How does the SCouldview work?

SCouldview power management system acquires the data at the bottom layer by variety instruments, transmission with multiple communication protocols both by wire and wireless. 

Those instruments could be categorized by its function as video monitoring, environmental monitoring, electric monitoring, electric protection and transformer monitoring etc. 

The above mentioned monitoring system will measure and capture the data by camera, sensor, power meter and electric protection installation and upload them to the server which customer rent by themself. SCloudview will aggregate, wash and process those data which acquired from the measuring instruments at the bottom layer. 

Focus on the management function for the particular project, device and station to provide service to the customers. Users could withdraw the data from the cloud when they need. 


Technical framework

SCouldview could be divided as 4 horizontal layers, there are the display layer, platform layer, communication layer and perception layer. These 4 layers could accomplish various functions respectively.

Perception layer: The SCloudview supports variety acquisition instruments and diversified communication interface , including RS485, 4G, WIFI data transmission. The data-aware is the foundation of the entire management system, is the guarantee of the project data resource.

Communication layer: The system support the user transmit the data in real time by wire or wireless connectivity. Including LoRa, NB-IoT, Wifi and GPRS data transmission to fulfil the user’s need at the job spot.

Platform layer: The data center realize the real time data acquisition, aggregate, wash and processing. Providing the service with manage functionality by project, device and station etc. The platform provide diversified data security interface to the third party data interchange.

Display layer: The SCloudview platform has WEB and APP export to fulfil the multiple request of the users. 




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