S36 Series Multi-User Prepaid Energy Meter

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S36 Series Multi-User Prepaid Energy Meter
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Multi Circuit Power Monitoring
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Digital building Campus Shopping mall Tenant Management

Product Name: S36 Series Multi-User Prepaid Energy Meter

S36 series multi-user prepaid electric energy meter is designed with advanced microprocessor and signal processing technology. It has the functions of full power measurement, electric energy measurement, time-sharing billing, prepaid, demand statistics, event recording, malignant load identification, fault alarm, etc., and is equipped with switching value input, relay output, pulse output and RS485 communication interface.

S36 multi-user prepaid electric energy meter consists of a master module and multiple slave modules. The slave modules are divided into direct access type and CT access type. S36 supports direct access to 36 single-phase or 12 three-phase circuits at most, or 24 three-phase circuits through CT. The direct access slave module has built-in magnetic latching relay, and the maximum on-off capacity is 80A.

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- S36F - M1Y  —  Main module

- S36F - D3Y   —  Measuring module, monitoring 1 * 3 phase load(direct input)

- S36F - D1Y   —  Measuring module, monitoring 3 * 1 phase load(direct input)

- S36F - C3Y   —  Measuring module, monitoring 2 * 3 phase load(CT input)

- L24 - 1000    —  Measuring module, connecting cable 1m


Measuring Module Functions


- Real-time measurement V/A/P/Q/S/PF/F/THD

- Electric energy metering

- Multi rates for holidays

- Automatic networking

- Prepayment

- Arrears alarm

- Recharge function

- Overdraft function

- Event records

- Preset electric energy

Installation advantages:

-  Adopt embedded connection, making the overall installation cleaner;

- The connection between modules supports lead sealing to prevent users from disconnecting the measurement modules



Elecnova Network Prepayment Management System (NPMS)


1. Prepaid function: Independant power consumption metering for each circuit, remote electricity selling, automatically power off when the balance shows 0.

2. Remote monitoring: Remote monitoring by PC, available for remote configuration, operation status, historical event record checking and power on/off. 

3. TOU and time control: Provides sets tariff for convenient billing, avaiable for auotmatic power on/off by schedule for each circuit.

4. Authorization management, Administrator levels by management authorized.



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