PD195Z-CD32F Dual circuit EC charger DC meter

The Product Name:
PD195Z-CD32F Dual circuit EC charger DC meter
The Product Type:
EV charger metering
Corresponding field:
EV charger charge station charging pipe DC fast charger

Product Name: PD195Z-CD32F Dual circuit EC charger DC meter

Elecnova PD195Z-CD32F DC power meter is a core component to the electric vehicle for fast charging power measuring and fiscal billing. It’s available 2 circuit measurement up to 1000V DC voltage per ech with 75mV shunt sensor for the current sensing. AC/DC 80~270V, DC24, DC12V multiple power supply can be selected to adapt to different application environments of customers.The measuring data could be integrated with the management system of the EV charger by Modbus RTU communication protocol. 



l 2 Circuit DC measuring

Up to 1000V DC voltage input

I/U/P/PE, Max/Min, Demand

75mV shunt sensor current sensing

-25℃~+50℃ working temperature

Modbus RTU communication protocol access

Baud rate: 1200~9600 bps

Energy pulse

EMC Standard Compliance

Electrostatic discharge immunity :                                                                IEC61000-4-2-III

RF electromagnetic field radiation immunity                                                 IEC61000-4-3-III

Electrical fast transient burst immunity                                                         IEC61000-4-4-IV

Shock(Surge) Immunity                                                                                IEC61000-4-5-IV

Immunity t conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequencycy fields    IEC61000-4-6-III

Power frequency magnetic field immunity                                                     IEC61000-4-8-III

Voltage dips and short interruptions immunity                                               IEC61000-4-11-III



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