Busways Temperature Sensor

The Product Name:
Busways Temperature Sensor
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Device Control & Protection
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Data center Commercial building Public Buildings Factory

Product Name: Busways Temperature Sensor

As a new type of power supply main line, Busways truncking has been widely used in power distribution design and a lot of tall buildings and large workshops. Sfere702 Busways trunking temperature monitoring system is composed of  monitoring host and temperature and humidity acquisition module, which is  used to monitor the temperature of low-voltage Busways. The main monitoring temperature includes: the temperature of Busways connection (the temperature  of each contact point), the temperature of Busways shell, the environment  temperature, etc., and can display, upload, store and alarm the data in the  monitoring unit.


Sfere702 Busways temperature monitoring system is composed of monitoring host, temperature and humidity acquisition module  and temperature sensor. The system adopts fire two bus network, each branch can be connected with 128 modules, which can  support bus connection, T-shaped connection, star connection, etc., so the system is easy to implement; the system adopts DC24 V  safe voltage power supply, the system is safe and reliable, the monitoring host has RS-485, RJ45 Ethernet interface, provides  Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP communication protocol, and can be connected to other standard systems.



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